About Us

Grand Final Technologies are innovators in the sports industry, we design and manufacture core strength systems and devices that help people get better.

Founded by track and field coach Mepi Faoagali in 2009 with the invention and launch of the award winning device Pelleres, GFT aims to build a network of exercise professionals, business entities, and community stakeholders working together for a better life.

GFT company values are; honesty, loyalty, and humanity.  Their strategic objective is best summarised by “every sport every where”.

The health, sports and fitness equipment industry is witnessing a trend for equipment that is able to target specific body parts.  People are becoming aware of the reduced free time they have, consequently individuals are looking for equipment and devices that provide the greatest fitness benefit in the least amount of time; thus fitness products such as Pelleres™ and Core Isolators, appeal to people’s fitness habits and expectations.

Rising concern and awareness for healthy living, physical benefits, and exercise are among the major drivers for fitness equipment demand around the world.  This industry is benefiting from trends regarding the general health consciousness of “baby boomers” and a younger, more active generation becoming involved in sports.

The lack of core strength is a major contributor to injuries particularly in the elderly.  Improving core strength directly relates to improving performance, reducing the risk of injury and reducing rehabilitation time.  Core strength is directly related to quality of life.  Within the ageing population, the demand for effective core strength solutions grows. This makes Pelleres™ and Core Isolators ideal products and amazing tools to build muscles and improve core strength.

Grand Final Technologies is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia is a private company with limited liability, shared directors operating under the laws of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC).  For further enquiries email admin@grandfinaltech.com.au